4G Growing in Faith, Generous in Our Finances, Global in Our Focus, Generation ForwardHebrews 12:6; II Corinthians 8:1-4; Matthew 28:18-20; I Chronicles 12:32; Jeremiah 29:11

We dream of a church that is Gospel-centered and reaching unbelievers in creative ways.
We dream of a church with a healthy culture to maximize God’s work.
We dream of a church with a clear pathway for growth for our members.
We dream of a church where members are fully engaged in ministry, inside and outside of the church.
We dream of church actively developing high caliber leaders.
We dream of a church that is proactively engaged in our community.
We dream of a church that possesses a Spirit of generosity that is contagious.
We dream of a church with a growing influence on the city.
We dream of a church that is building the Kingdom by planting churches and resourcing churches, both nationally and internationally

We Will Accomplish This through Vision 4G I. Growing in Faith

Envision and Declare What God Has Inspired – Regardless of fear or actual real world barriers, whenever you want to achieve something, you have to envision it and declare it.

You have to keep your eyes open and focused specifically on what you want. It’s simply impossible to hit a target you haven’t declared, or get anywhere worthwhile with your eyes closed and your vision blurred. If we have the Faith God has the Power.

Know the Consequence of Staying Where You Are – What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything? It wouldn’t be. Life is movement. Inaction based on fear not only stops you from achieving, it stops you from living.

Believe – Trust God to perform what He promised.

Take It Slow, but GO! – There is no progress without action. What is not started today is never finished by tomorrow. Some of the greatest ideas and dreams die young. Why? Because the genius behind the idea or dream fails to GO forward with it – they think about it, but never DO anything about it. II.

Generous in Our Finances

Ministry that cost nothing; accomplishes nothing! Vision without provision, needs revision. Vision will always be bigger than the budget. II Corinthians 8: 1-6 shows us eight principles on generous giving:

1) Generous giving is sacrificial.
2) Generous giving is something that only some people are spiritually gifted for, others must be taught stewardship.
3) Generous giving is a gospel issue.
4) Generous giving encourages churches to share with other churches and ministries in need.
5) Generous giving to the disadvantaged and impoverished.
6) Generous giving is about sowing and reaping.
7) Generous giving is one of the many evidences that someone is truly a Christian.
8) Generous giving promotes the worship of Jesus as God. III. Global in Our Focus (Local, National, International)

Benevolence to Congregation and Community

Transition Homes, Emancipated Youth Living Clothing Store
Feeding on a Regular Basis
Tutorial / GED / SAT Prep / KACE Exam
Mission Trips (Africa, Jamaica, South America)
Support of Missions Worldwide/ Christ Second Baptist Church International Hispanic Ministry
Evangelism Ministry IV.

Generation Forward

We don’t think that children are the church of tomorrow but they are the church of and hope for today. In that we need to put a large focus on our children and youth ministries. Our mission is to be intentional in communicating the whole message of Jesus Christ We envision:

1) Their Own Weekend Service
2) Safe Gathering Place to Share
3) Gymnasium
4) Full-time Youth Pastor
5) Space, Staff, Structure Plan of Action A minimum of one hundred (100) members giving $7.00 per week, beyond their regular giving. Giving is an outward expression of faith in God. Our financial gifts are not measured by size, but by the spirit in which they are given.